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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Fred Romano is the owner and lead instructor of An American Lawman Training company, Fred graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, he served in the United States Marine Corp Reserve as a military policeman for 8 years and as a police officer for the past 35 years.  Fred also served as a tactical member on a regional SWAT team for 10 years while working as a police officer.  Fred has been teaching concealed carry and tactical handgun classes for the past 14 years and has helped thousands of people obtain a concealed carry permit.

Keenan Riordan has been an active-duty police officer since 1998 and has been a firearms instructor since 2005.  He previously served on a multi-jurisdiction regional SWAT team for 13 years, the last 5 years as a team leader.  Keenan is a fitness enthusiast and has completed numerous marathons, triathlons, and other endurance events.  He has also been a firearms instructor for An American Lawman Training Company for the past 10 years.

Dale Reatherford is a retired police officer with 35+ years of law enforcement experience and has been a firearms instructor for the past 10 years.  Dale ran his own firearms training company on the west side of Cincinnati for 8 years before merging with An American Lawman.

Wayne Hubbard  I was born and raised in Cincinnati. After high school, I joined the Army reserves as an MP and went to the University of Cincinnati. I worked in the engineering department of the Cincinnati Water Works, before I decided to move to Maryland and become a Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC. Where, after a few years, I was promoted to Sergeant. Then, due to a family situation, I moved back to Cincinnati and took a position as an officer for the Springdale Police Department.

While with Springdale, I became an OPOTA certified Handgun Instructor. I have also completed numerous advanced firearm courses through TDI. I was on the Drug Task Force forced entry team (warrant service). I am also a certified Glock Armorer.

I met Fred when I started at Springdale and we became good friends. I have been helping as an instructor for at least 7 years now.